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Staff Application- u56 (Builder)


New member
In-game Username: u56
Age: 16
When did you join DerelictGaming?: About 20 minutes ago (though so far it is really nice)
How much time can you dedicate to the server each day?: 2 hours a day. I do have a schedule I have to keep at all times of 2 hours on the week days.
Do you have any experience as a staff member already? If yes, explain where, when, and how: So I am builder on 2 servers actually. One is named Silver1Sky and the other is FireZPvp where I have been building for them for about 3 months before FirezPvp was revamped.
Why should we accept you?: I am an experienced builder. I am great with helping others even though I am a builder but I know a lot of
What's the position you are applying for?: Builder/Helper (There is no way to apply for a mod, admin, etc you have to climb up the ranks) Builder.
Why do you want to become staff?: So I don't want to sound rude but I feel like the spawn on the server is not hand built and it was just downloaded but that is just me. I do plan to make a *Season 2* spawn for the server if I get accepted. (Of course you would tell me the theme of it)
Are you currently staff on another server? If yes, which rank?: Developer and Builder
Are you in the Discord, and if so what is your Discord Tag(Example Pramsing#0001): iiSub #4340
Being a staff member requires a lot of patience. Will you be able to stay calm in all situations?: That is one of my better qualities is not cracking under a lot of pressure.


New member
Player applied and hasn't been seen again post-update.

You're also builder on 2 other servers and can only provide 2 hours of playtime.
Not sure how you're going to split 2 hours between 3 servers and others that you want to play on.


New member
I have several objections... 1. I have developed a balanced schedule throughout 4 servers already (2 of which shutdown) 2. I was active in all if them 3. I don't know about you but I actually have been on the server. 4. Changed my name so the ign is invalid. 5. Playtime is weekends if you were paying attention " I have to keep at all times of 2 hours on the week days. " 6. Unless you are the owner which I am certain you aren't I don't need you questioning how I do my life. And finally, 7, You realize... 6 hours a day is really not a lot considering I have done 4 servers in the past right? Anyways that is all I have to say about this, still waiting on the actual owner to reply on this so I should get an email about it if they do.


New member
Err, Okay, let's try this again. Hi. Name's Rainie. I'm an Administrator of DerelictGaming.

Seeing as RaXeD is busy with IRL issues, it's my job as a community administrator to step-in and handle situations.
If he sees that I made a poor choice, he's completely welcome to change the narrative that I produced.

Instead of being snippy, I suggest you work with the staff-team on your application instead of making attempts to attack them and push us away.

And for future reference, if you apply to any server with a proper-staff team, the owner doesn't handle staff-applications. Head-Admin would.
They're in-charge of the communities administrative actions.

And as said before- You're still builder on other servers. DerelictGaming does not allow multi-staffing positions to avoid any conflict in availability. If you plan to proceed with your application you must be willing to step-down from all other staff positions in-order to take a role at DerelictGaming. If we were to accept your applications, are you willing to step-down from other servers you're obligated too in-order to meet the requirements of the DerelictGaming Team?