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Staff Application TheBluntSpike


New member
In-game Username: TheBluntSpike

Age: 15

When did you join DerelictGaming?: 9/5/20

How much time can you dedicate to the server each day?: 3-10hrs A day

Do you have any experience as a staff member already? If yes, explain where, when, and how: I have not had any types of experience in any servers as of now but , I am pledging to make A change to that.

Why should we accept you?: You should accept me because I am A very supportive person in general and I like to help people. Even though I am not an authorised "Helper", I still like to help other people throughout DerelictGaming.

What's the position you are applying for?: Builder/Helper (There is no way to apply for a mod, admin, etc you have to climb up the ranks): Currently I am applying for Helper but soon hopefully go on to get Mod ETC

Why do you want to become staff?: I would love to become staff mainly because I am A open person I have nothing to hide and I would love to help the server grow in any way possible. Furthermore , I already get along really well with other staff members therefore I know there is something for me in this community.

Are you currently staff on another server? If yes, which rank?: As of now I am not any rank on any other server.

Are you in the Discord, and if so what is your Discord Tag(Example Pramsing#0001): TheBluntSpike#2759

Being a staff member requires a lot of patience. Will you be able to stay calm in all situations?: I assure all members of staff I will be able to keep my cool and I will able to handle all situations, of course if there was A bigger concern to the server and if I had to back of in A sort of way I would totally understand as I do know how hard a stable community is to manage.