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Staff Application TheBluntSpike (Helper)


New member
When did you join DerelictGaming?: 9/5/20.
How much time can you dedicate to the server each day?: 3-10hrs.
Do you have any experience as a staff member already? If yes, explain where, when, and how: Havn't played many servers and havn't dedicated much time into any server apart from Derelict Skyblock.
Why should we accept you?: Because if you accept me , i will do my best and exceed anyone else in hopes to make people want to play the server and help those who most need it.
What's the position you are applying for?: Builder/Helper (There is no way to apply for a mod, admin, etc you have to climb up the ranks)
Why do you want to become staff?: Helper.
Are you currently staff on another server? If yes, which rank?: Currently , i am not.
Are you in the Discord, and if so what is your Discord Tag(Example Pramsing#0001): TheBluntSpike#2759
Being a staff member requires a lot of patience. Will you be able to stay calm in all situations?:


New member
We asked if you had prior staffing experience and you made a comment to not spending time on other servers beyond Derelict. I'm not sure I follow. And mind that you have a maximum of 72 hours actively playing the server, at the extreme end.

We asked why you wanted to become staff... You replied "Helper"

There are other responses I don't approve of but those are the most obvious...
I'd suggest re-reading and re-writing your application.

Also, applications are expected to had good grammar. You fail to capitalize I in almost if not every instance when used in reference to self.