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Staff Application - MirceaFTW


New member
In-game Username: MirceaFTW
Age: 14.
When did you join DerelictGaming?: I joined DerelictGaming network on 11 january at 7:10 PM EET time zone.
How much time can you dedicate to the server each day?: I can play on the server for 2-3 hours per day.
Do you have any experience as a staff member already? If yes, explain where, when, and how: I have a lot of experience of being a developer. I have worked with Exiles in the recent past and i enjoyed coding and making scripts with him.
Why should we accept you?: I think that i have a greatfull amount of experience and i also saw that the servers is in need of developers.
What's the position you are applying for?: Developer
Why do you want to become staff?: I will start making scripts for the server. Almost anything my superiors will request i will do it.
Are you currently staff on another server? If yes, which rank?: No. I was previously demoted to member because i've set my island level to -15mil so i wont be in the top.
Are you in the Discord, and if so what is your Discord Tag(Example Pramsing#0001): Mircea96#2324
Being a staff member requires a lot of patience. Will you be able to stay calm in all situations?: I am able to stay calm in all situations.