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General Rules (apply on all server across the netwrok)


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  1. Be considerate to other players.
    • Ask before entering someone's area and most importantly leave if told to.
    • Do not harass players, especially for reasons based on race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or various other types of discrimination.
    • Do not stalk players virtually, physically, or use any methods of gathering personal information.
  2. Be respectful to staff.
    • Use the available methods (discord, site messages, in-game) to request help.
    • Do not demand/beg for staff to do things for you.
    • Do not ask for ranks or OP.
    • Do not interfere with staff duties.
    • Do not impersonate staff in name or text.
  3. Use chat appropriately.
    • Do not use capitalization extensively.
    • Refrain from explicit language and "1337 sp34k".
    • Use /msg for private conversations.
    • No spamming of any kind.
    • Do not beg for in-game currency or ask someone to donate for you.
    • Only speak in English in all publicly visible places on the server. For safety and security reasons, private messages may only be spoken in a translatable language (no Latin, binary, symbols, etc).
    • Try to keep in-game global chat appropriate and family-friendly. Make use of the private messaging system if you wish to discuss inappropriate topics and/or context.
    • Absolutely no advertising of other servers - in-game public chat, privately, or on Discord.
  4. Follow building guidelines.
    • Do not make one-block wide towers or holes without fixing them.
    • Do not make regular or massive holes straight down to bedrock.
    • Do not build right next to spawn without permission.
    • Do not build close to someone else's construction unless you have their approval.
    • Do not 'land grief/butcher' terrain. Destroying large sections of terrain that you will never use to boost up mcmmo stats will result in your stats being reset and you being rollbacked, with the possibility of a ban. Keep the world pretty!
  5. Do not use hacks, cheats, or exploit glitches, including (but not limited to):
    • Any method of duplication.
    • Use of "x-ray" mods/texture packs.
    • Speed hacks.
    • Exploiting game/server glitches or bugs.
    • Using a cheat client.
    • Using any scripts which allow for cheating.
    • Accepting inappropriately obtained items.
  6. Account rules.
    • It is your job to keep your account secure.
    • Anything done on your account, regardless of who is/was playing, you are responsible.
    • Refrain from having an explicit user skin.
    • If you have an inappropriate in-game name, you may be banned until it has been changed.
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